Dupont An Phu

Game developer, retro-computing enthusiast


A space-themed physics game where you, as an asteroid, have to destroy planets.

Mega Lab Escape

You are a lab-rat trapped in a ball. You have to roll your way to freedom by avoiding dangerous traps.

Gameboy (Color) Emulator

One of the first handheld consoles from Nintendo emulated in C++ and OpenGL/PSGL.

Node-based material editor

C# WPF application to create materials for 3D models.

Normal maps for 2D games

Complete Unity tool to create normal maps for 2D sprites.

MOS 6502 Emulator - Apple I

This program emulates the 6502 CPU and has been expanded to emulate a working Apple I system.

High Poly 3D Vehicle

A model of a Mercedes-Benz 230 SL made with 3DS Max.

DuckTales NES Remake

A remake of the very-known game DuckTales using C++ with the first-year game-engine.

3D Tower Defense

This project was aimed at creating a functional game using DirectX 11 and to get a good understanding of (HLSL) shader programming.

Chip 8 Emulator

Simple Chip8 emulator written in C++
It's fast and can run any Chip8 program.
Original version SDL. Updated version OpenGL/PSGL.

More programming projects

Other projects related to game-development.

Electronics projects

Here you can find projects around electronics.